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The financial group Sadr Pars (public limited company) has started its operations in 1384 with the goal of realizing development in the fields of industry and financial services.
The financial group of Sadr Pars has succeeded in making significant improvements throughout its life by creating constructive partnerships between affiliated companies and engaging positively with its partners in the form of integrated and targeted collections. Sadr seeks to expand his activities with the help of experts, scientific management and a new attitude.

Areas of Activities

Financial Area
Creating an appropriate atmosphere to facilitate the guidance of monetary and foreign capital to profitable projects with the aim of gaining profit from other activities is the SADRE PARS high priority.
Industrial Area
SADRE PARS financial group employed a novel method in investments in the field of industry by relying on its managers and experts` experience and knowledge.
Construction & Infrastructure Area
Sadre Pars has a dedicated team for infrastructure, construction participation in the production, industrial, residential, unfinished projects and construction operations.

Sadr Pars companies and activities

Key persons

Hossein Abde Tabrizi
Seyyed Afzal Moosavi
Hossein Moghaddam
Babak Jahan Ara
Mohammad Reza Modiri
Ali Rastgar
Seyyed Amir Savafi
Meysam Radpoor
Shahabodin Shams


Investment advice and participation with legal and legal entities to participate in profitable industrial, service, facility and business projects.
Investment advice to legal and real persons to invest in domestic and foreign financial markets
Consulting in the field of investment and purchase of securities of other companies, including banks and insurance of the financial institution, credit and brokerage
Design and implementation of industrial projects
Design and supply of new financial instruments to finance industrial projects

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